Since we lost Buddy, I've put the Pet Protector Discs on our other three dogs....Angel, Chipmunk and Winnie. I couldn't be happier with the results.... there are no more fleas! I only wish I'd know much sooner about this, because I know Buddy would still be here with us today. But his message is ringing out loud and clear.... and my goal is that the Pet Protector Discs will continue save countless lives of other animals around the world. Sleep well in the arms of the Angels, dear one....we miss you, Buddy.

Sue Ellen Dickinson

Florida, USA

Observation today.... sitting in the yard with 2 dogs. One dog without the Pet Protector disc has gnats on and all around her.

The other dog my Corgi, Daisy with a Pet Protector disc on has NO gnats anywhere around her at all.

I love the Pet Protector.

Anita Lowery

Pennsylvania, USA

This is Chessie the first dog (9 so far in 63 years of marriage-that has a passport) She was born in Croatia and chases deer, rabbits, swims in a lake and is smart enough to realize squirrels climb trees and are not worth pursuing.

She has now completed 13 months with the Pet Protector disc and has not had a flea or tick even though white dogs attract ticks.

Seth R Schneible Sr.


My name is Paul Senn and I live in Marbella, Southern Spain. I have the pleasure of owning an Old English Sheepdog.

My dog, Junior is a fine example of an Old English Sheepdog and he is 12 next birthday. Junior has been wearing the Pet Protector disc now for 15 months and has had no infestation of Fleas or Ticks.

We live in the countryside and mountains where there are other animals that carry Fleas and Ticks but we have had no problems thanks to Pet Protector.

Paul Senn


I love pets, especially dogs, and have had pets as long as I can remember. I have a Yorkie named Lucky. He had a tumor and had urination problems. I am totally convinced it was caused from the Frontline anti-parasite products we used on him. After we bathed him with these products, for the next couple days, he had no energy and was very lethargic. He required surgery and is now doing absolutely phenomenal after I put the Pet Protector disc on him. No ticks, no fleas and no chemicals ever again. He is still a big part of my life and my wonderful companion thanks to Pet Protector. The disc is so easy to use, just attach it to the collar, and your pet is completely safe from ticks and fleas for life. What could be easier? For me, the Pet Protector disc is the best anti-parasite protection on the market today.

Dolores Brandt

Iowa, USA

My daughter has had a problem with head lice no matter how clean or how dirty I kept her hair (some stories say they don't like clean hair and some say they don't like dirty hair) or how many times I treated her hair she always seemed to get them back.

In early December , my friend Kathy told me about a disc that repels fleas and ticks and that she had heard that it also repelled head lice so I wanted to trial it and see if it was true.

I treated my daughters hair and put the pet protector disc on a chain and put it around her neck to see how it would go I was getting desperate as it was costing me a fortune in buying the products to keep treating her hair.

It has been 3 months and no sign of any lice or eggs. I am over the moon so is my daughter not having to scratch and sit through me treating her hair on a weekly basis. I wasn't convinced at the time of receiving the disc but let me tell you I am now converted and would most certainly recommend the disc to anyone who may have the same problem.

I cannot thank Kathy Potts enough for helping us get rid of this annoying problem that I thought would never end. My daughter is very thankful as am I thank you so much Kathy.

Erica Christey Ingleburn


My cat, Oreo, had been sick for about 6 months, and I couldn’t figure out why. Among other things, she wouldn’t eat or drink. When I took her to a vet to be checked out, he told me she had a tumor the size of a plum under her tongue, was very sick and had no quality to her life. Nothing could be done for her. He told me that the only choice I had was to put her to sleep. By her reactions each time I used Frontline on her, I am totally convinced they caused the tumor. I missed Oreo so much, but I reluctantly decided to get another cat. I had heard about Pet Protector from a friend and immediately decided to get one, so that Nash and I wouldn’t have to experience the same thing over again that I went through with Oreo. There are many trees which overlap our balcony, and he loves to be out there in the nice weather. Sometimes, he stays out there all day long and has never brought a tick or flea inside. This product absolutely works! The metal disc worn around your pet’s neck protects them from all external parasites. There is no comparison to the health benefit of Pet Protector vs. all the harsh chemical products sold on the market today. Plus, the cost is twenty times less for what you would spend in a 4-year period. That’s why, not only that I have decided to get one for my Nash, but I have decided to join as a member of this project as well, and help many more pets. If you want to safeguard your family pet’s health, Pet Protector is the only solution.

Lynn Clancy

Massachusetts, USA

Hi my name is Marilyn Bradley I live on the Central Coast NSW Australia. Where we are currently under siege from a flea plague. I was not impressed as we have never had fleas here before. I was concerned because I needed to buy anti parasite products for my old dog, my cat is still young, so I was not as concerned. I usually only treated my dog, who played in flea and tick areas, around parks, lakes and rivers, which made her more vulnerable to these pests and the diseases they brought with them.

This year I was not happy about putting more Advantix on my girl as she was getting to be old, I wanted her to live for longer and I knew that putting toxic chemicals on her made her unwell every month, but I had no choice right then. I was in a dilemma as she needed flea and tick protection, in particular from the paralysis tick in our part of the country, and I just didn’t want to put anything so dangerous and toxic on her. I wanted her to live with me for many more years.

I was fortunate to notice on FB someone talking about a disc for protecting pets from fleas and ticks, with no chemicals. First off I scoffed at it, as I considered it to be absurd to scare away fleas with a metal disc. I checked the website information where I read some interesting stuff about scalar waves, and recalled hearing about them years ago being used in other applications. I was more curious than serious. So I bought a disc for my old dog. I didn’t bother putting one on my cat she is a totally indoor cat. It turned out that as the flea population increased around us, my cat was the only one to get fleas. I was elated and surprised all at once .. it was instant proof that the disc worked. That was all the proof I needed.

I obviously bought another disc for my cat, and after following precisely the information re preparing my pet for a PET PROTECOR disc, she is still living flea free, as is my old dog. I no longer have to poison my pets in order to protect them from fleas and ticks which really is quite bizarre, poisoning pets in order to protect them. I love the freedom of just attaching a disc and knowing that my pets are protected for many years. I no longer have to waste heaps of money on useless poisons that didn’t work very well anyway, but cost so much, made my dog sick, and me feel cruel putting the stuff on her to start with.

I thank PET PROTECTOR for giving my pets the opportunity to live more as nature intended, to feel healthy and vibrant, and plus be flea tick free. An extra bonus, is they look extra cute with matching medallions.

Marilyn Bradley


I have been using the Pet Protector disc on my five Samoyed dogs for one year. One of my boys used to get flea hot spots every Summer but now has gone through two Summer seasons with no fleas. The humidity is high here in this part of New Zealand and every year the flea breeding season seems to get worse. I used to dose my dogs with chemical spot on treatments and sprays and they weren't working very well. I'd have to reapply too quickly.

All those years I knew it was potentially harmful but I was lucky to never experience the deadly side effects as some poor pet owners have. I didn't dose all year because it just never seemed the right thing to do. But I know pet owners who weren't so lucky. I haven't seen one flea in the last year.

I live on a cattle farm and there is a new type of tiny tick that's arrived in the area. I have attached discs to my three alpacas too to keep those away after being drenched. They have a breakaway safety collar and a cow ankle strap with a disc on each.

I am so glad to have found Pet Protector for many reasons but mainly because I have senior dogs ranging from 9 to 15 1/2 years old and along with their healthy diet, I know that the disc improves their blood circulation and immune system as well as keeping parasites away forever. How could you lose with all that?

Marilyn Begg

Warkworth, NZ

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