The Pet Protector Disc is silver in color, its radius is 2.5 cm and it is attached to the pet’s collar. Its shelf-life is unlimited; if removed from its original packaging, the Pet Protector Disc will not use up its energy. Only once it is attached to a pet’s collar, will its technology start to work, protecting your pet for an entire 4-year period. This non-invasive, natural defense system requires more time to begin functioning than chemical anti-parasite products. After attaching the disc, 7 to 20 days are needed for the protective field to form, depending on the size and weight of the animal. Once attached, the disc should not be removed from the collar, for more than two hours. It is important to understand that Scalar waves do not kill existing ticks and fleas located on the animal, but rather act as a preventative. For this reason, prior to attaching the Pet Protector Disc to your pet’s collar, it is important to completely de-flea and de-tick your pet, including removing any invisible larvae. After you have completed this preparation process, attach the Pet Protector Disc to your pet’s collar.

Watch a Pet Protector video demonstrating the PP Disc’s range of Magnetic Waves using a smart phone app. You can measure the Disc’s Magnetic Waves yourself using any phone app such as Metal Detector, etc.

Who is this product for?

Pet Protector’s Scalar waves do not have a negative effect on the health of your dog or cat; furthermore, this product can even be used freely on sheep or horses and other living beings. Therefore, there is no limit regarding the age of the animal, its size or any special circumstances, i.e. medical conditions. Pet Protector may be used on: - newborns, - any breed (size is not a factor, but if your pet weights more than 88 lbs (40 kg), it will require 2 Pet Protector Discs. Horses should wear 2 Pet Protector Discs  as well in order to be fully protected), - any animal, regardless of its state of health; ill or recovering from an illness, - pregnant or nursing animals. Pet Protector contains no harmful, poisonous substances and does not require hands be washed after coming into contact with the disc and it does not require that one avoid physical contact with an animal wearing a disc. Not only is the Pet Protector Disc absolutely harmless, it has a positive effect on an animal’s health. Studies have shown that the Pet Protector Disc improves circulation, raises energy levels and boosts the immune system.

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