About Goldstar Company


The Goldstar Company was founded in 2011. It is the only official owner to the manufacturing and distribution rights of the original anti-parasite disc – Pet Protector. The company’s founder is Steven Williams JR.

The company’s full-time staff totals 48 individuals who work in the manufacturing, logistic, finance, marketing, legal inquiries and IT departments.

Manufacturing of the Pet Protector Disc is carried out in three Manufacturing Centers, located in The United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and Singapore and the product distribution is carried out in four Logistics Centers located in The United Kingdom, Austria, Hong Kong and Serbia.

Any individual from any country in the world is able to order our product and have it delivered within 3-5 business days. Our goal is to show the world that a solution to pest control exists. Long-term, totally safe and maximally efficient.

Looking to the future

Our vision is one of a world where every pet on the planet has a Pet Protector Disc attached to its collar. In this vision animals are safe, happy and free from external parasites for an impressive amount of time.


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